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KZ RaceFurlers

Looking to purchase KZ Racefulers? MRS is now a UK supplier and stock holder. 
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A product of the KZ Marine Group, KZ Racefurlers come with a world-class reputation. Bred in the toughest conditions of the Volvo Ocean Race – the most severe test of men, machines and equipment - they have not only survived, they have won.  In a contest where eliminating breakdowns and maximising usability is the key to success, KZ Racefurlers have outlasted and outperformed the competition time and again. KZ Racefurlers is proud to have been appointed as the official furler supplier for the 2014/2015 Volvo Ocean Race.

Peace of mind is knowing that if equipment can stand the ultimate test, it can be used with confidence under most conditions. Whether for superyacht racing, IRC maxis, America’s Cup yachts, TP52s, IMOCA60s or the big racing multihulls, KZ Racefurlers can meet the demands. And, we can custom design and manufacture to your unique, or personal specification where our standard units may not match your precise requirements. A range that meets the needs of all furling and flying sails, KZ Racefurlers ensure the smoothest, fastest furling without compromising strength or reliability.

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