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Deck and Winch Hardware

Deck and Winch Hardware from Marine Rigging Services

Here at Marine Rigging Services we can supply and fit customised deck hardware, blocks and furling gear. Our extensive industry knowledge, along with expert products from the leading manufacturers we work with, means we have the skills and equipment to offer the very best service to kit out your boat.

Overview of services we offer:  

  • Routine maintenance and servicing of deck hardware - It's not just winches that need servicing. Clutches and jammers, blocks and sheaves all require regular servicing. Whatever the make we can service, repair and offer improvements where needed.
  • Winch system maintenance - We offer a complete package of service and maintenance to all brands of winch including pedestal and drive train assemblies. All genuine spare parts used and manufacturer recommended lubricants.
  • Design, building and fitting of custom components – One of our strengths at Marine Rigging Services is our experience in the build and fit out process plus our talented team can fully assist in the design of deck layout and systems. 

We will happily provide a quote for your deck hardware and furling gear needs. Get in touch for further information -

Our Partners

The relationship we have with our partners is based on a commitment to deliver the latest high-tech solutions, the most premium products and to reduce carbon footprint. We work with some of the industry’s leading suppliers and manufacturers: 

Marlow Ropes 

Marlow Ropes logo

Marlow Ropes is one of the leading suppliers of high-performance sailing ropes and equipment. Marlow Ropes are a privately owned British manufacturer of specialist synthetic fibre ropes and assemblies. They specialise in the use of exotic synthetic fibres such as Vectran, Zylon, Technora, Nomex and Twaron and are a key partner with DSM Dyneema, designing specialist lines from Dyneema SK99, SK78, SK75, SK38, DM20 and XBO.


MorFrac logo

Morfrac is one of the leading suppliers of Furlers and blocks. MORFRAC is focused on developing new hardware with the latest technology available in the search of simplicity, reliability and performance. The world has shifted from mass produced products to user oriented and customizable products. New manufacturing processes allow Morfrac to provide specific products to meet their clients requirements. 

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