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40mm Pad-eye

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Diameter 40mm
Height 9mm
Weight 5.5g
SWL  150kg


Build your own using your own rope - designed for 3mm Techora. 40mm base, A4 dowel dog bone and masking vinyl supplied. 

Assembly instructions for build your own

Building the loop product you will need small splicing fid or biro pen and short length of whipping twine or paper clip. Fold your length of T12 3mm in half and mark 30mm up from the tail ends. Using the fid pass through the center of both tails keeping an equal amount of thread on each side of the tool. Open up the textile fibers enough to get the metal dog-bone in place. Remove the tool. Pass the twine or paper clip through the top of the pad-eye and hook the loop. Pull through and push the metal dog-bone into the long rebate in the base. Pull tight then fold and press the tail ends into place.

Install information 

Take the time to plan out your install. Once a location is selected within the boat ensure the structure is solid and not showing any signs of damage or delamination. Peel and stick the template to a clean surface. Take the time to key the surface using 80grit sandpaper removing any paint off the surface finish. If using a pre-made pad-eye, key the surface again using 80grit. Clean both the pad-eye surface and boat surface well with acetone and let dry. To bond for permanent fixing use a two-part epoxy-based adhesive. If you may wish to remove or for lower load baring use a Sika mastic adhesive. We do not advise using a solvent based adhesive. Using make your own, apply glue to the rope recess in the base of the pad and then push the rope into place. Apply an ample amount of adhesive to the bond surface in the middle of the template and push into place. Apply pressure once and leave. You should have an even overspill around the rim of the pad-eye. If you do not, you may not have applied enough adhesive so remove and re-apply with more. Once in place clean up the surrounding area and remove the masking template. Ensure you follow the adhesives instructions with regards to time and temperature for the best install. In an area defying gravity use a strip of masking tape to hold in place. Don't let glue get in, or on, the blocks or loops as this will impair the products performance.


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