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MRS services | Textile Rigging Overview

Marine Rigging Services, based in Gosport, Hampshire, UK, specialises in offering a full range of textile rigging services, including running rigging such as sheets and halyards, and structural loops and strops for the mast and deck. Our company takes a personalised approach to every project, regardless of its size. We begin by identifying the specific use or application of the items and then select the best materials and construction techniques to ensure an optimised product.

We work exclusively with high-quality products from trusted suppliers and select the correct materials for the chosen application to ensure maximum durability and reliability. Our design process is optimized to minimise waste during construction, and we work with responsible suppliers who use the latest recycling technology to minimize our carbon footprint.

At Marine Rigging Services, we take quality control seriously. All our rigging goes through a rigorous quality control process, coupled with load testing, to ensure that nothing leaves our door that we are not 100% confident in. If you're looking for a marine rigging company that you can trust, get in touch with us today by emailing to discuss your requirements.

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