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Last November, we launched our first production reeler at METstrade in partnership with MORFRAC, and it was a huge success. The launch followed and intensive six-month period of design, prototyping and testing to get to the show. Industry experts and sailors provided overwhelmingly positive feedback, and the range has continued to expand based on our drive to develop and incorporate requirements from teams and owners globally. 

Our first production reeler was designed to answer several common issues with reeler systems at the time. The move away from the mainstream build methods allowed us to offer the consistency required for a production part. The Mreel range boasts a lightweight, clean, and original design, as well as the smart manufacturing techniques and materials. The efficient pump action ratchet enables a speedy and neat spool of loose sheets or halyards, saving time and reducing risk on the racecourse. The M-Reel's clever design details allow for easy use, assembly, and maintenance without sacrificing quality. Using a nylon bearing along with other non-corrosive high-end materials, coupled with precision manufacturing, the M-Reel is built for the harsh and demanding marine environment.   

"I worked with Marine Rigging Services to install four of there new Mreel.1. reelers on our new 5.5 meter build. They were professional, efficient, and dedicated to a seamless integration of the new systems. The reeler has thoughtful design elements, tailored to my specific requirements. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality was evident in every aspect of the installation process. Their system integration efforts were impressive, resulting in a highly functional setup. I highly recommend”. - Andrew Palfrey -  Four-time World Champion

The newest additions to the reeler range are the M-Reel 1, 2 and 3 - all of which are designed to incorporate our truly unique carbon spoke spool wheel. The M-Reel.1. is the smallest of the range and is intended for smaller inshore keelboat racers such as the 5.5m, where space and crew time are limited. The M-Reel.2. is our go-to for most applications and has been installed on several TP52s in preparation for the session. The M-Reel.3. is the largest and has been installed on a mini maxi 72. In addition, our first reeler, the M-Reel.Cape, is a fully optimized and refined reeler unit specifically designed for the thriving globle Cape 31 Class. 

This truly modular production unit requires no full-time shore crew to install or maintain. Due to the manufacturing method used, spare parts and upgrades are both low cost and readily available. Thanks to the generous bonding surface, installation onboard can be accomplished with ease using only one pack of off-the-shelf adhesives, taking hours instead of days.  

We have spared no resource in ensuring the design and assembly are both novel and intuitive. 3D printing allows for a refined structure, reduced weight and increasing strength. Shapes not cost effective with traditional manufacturing methods. Designed into the base plates, the integral ratchet lead sheaves remove the need of further work installing the rigging systems, and increase reliability of the ratchet, making them an industry first. 

While we are proud of the design and offer our range as production, we know boats and sailor's preferences differ. A further positive to the printing method used, and skill set within our teams - custom refinement is always possible to ensure a best fit.  

The relationship between MORFRAC and MRS was established with the goal of utilising the experience, knowledge, and engineering capabilities of both companies to develop solutions that make life onboard easier and improve the overall sailing experience. The Mreel was the first result of this joint development venture, and it continues to generate more innovative ideas to make simpler sailing out on the water. 
Looking at how reelers could be installed on your boat for tidy sailing? Get in touch! We are always looking to work with a range of boats to see how these can be best installed. 

Check out our gallery of our range of M-Reels - 

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