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RAM 20

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Sheave 20mm
Max line 5mm
SWL 410kg


RAM Ferrules are made of high grade aluminium with a high quality anodise coating.

Lighter and smaller than blocks, ring ferrules are ideal for applications where  friction is not an issue.

Ring ferrules are very simple and have no moving parts. Installation is very simple, a line is spliced around the ferrule and fixed to the desired attachment point while the running line slides through the inside of the ring.


Sizing your block

Working Load

The Morfblock patented Adaptive Geometry Bearing technology improves its efficiency as the working load increases. Optimal performance is guaranteed from 25% of the SWL; we recommend to size your blocks accordingly.

Rope Diameter

Check your line diameter requirements to ensure they meet the block specifications.

Select your bearing

High Load Bearing

High Load Bearings are ideal for semi-static applications where blocks are required to resist high loads with low spin.

Performance Bearing

Performance Bearings are ideal for dynamic applications where the blocks are required to spin at high revolutions with low friction.

Lashing and Running

Lashing Rope

Choose your lashing line according to meet the blocks stated braking load. Remember, knots will reduce the ropes strength!

Running Line

We highly recommend using covers on your running lines.

Need some help? Get in contact with the MRS team - XXXXXX or

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